10 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Easter is the Church’s Super Bowl. For some reason in our culture, people who would never attend church any other time of the year will actually give it a shot on Easter. That means we have to be ready to do all we can to maximize this opportunity to change lives. So let’s get ready, OneLife! Instead of just sitting around and hoping for it, let’s fast and pray, begging God to do it!

First, most of you reading this blog have never fasted before. What’s it all about? The basic idea behind a fast is to sacrifice something (usually food) that has become a “crutch” for us, all for the purpose of drawing closer to Christ and re-calibrating our true dependence on the Father. It is a spiritual discipline that most every biblical character, including Jesus, practiced to stay close to God. So I am calling us to a 10-day Daniel Fast. Below is the basic info about what this fast will be all about.

When: Starting 6 p.m. Monday, April 4 and ending 6 p.m. Thursday, April 11.

How: Starting with dinner on April 4, restrict your diet to only pure foods of fruits and vegetables along with only water to drink. This means no chemicals, processed foods, breads, or caffeine.

Why: In Daniel 1, Daniel and three friends refused to give in to the “royal meal” that went against their faith. So for 10 days they ate only fruits and vegetables and drank only water. God used this to give Daniel and his friends a greater understanding of Him and a clearer vision. Read more about it here.

What: During these 10 days, I challenge you to pray for three specific things. First, to draw closer to Jesus. Use this time to allow God to examine you, then confess and repent of what may be keeping you from Him. Second, let’s beg God to do something huge at our church on Easter. What if 500 people worshipped together and celebrated Jesus on that day? What if many of those were new to church and gave their life to Jesus? Let’s BEG God to do that! After all, we have not because we ask not (James 4:2). Third, pray for the future of our church and its ministries. Pray for me – your pastor – and our staff. Pray for our ministry to the community including the parent conference. Pray for God to use us to transform this community from the inside out.

I realize that this may sound like a cooky idea if you are new to church or have never fasted. But I believe our God wants to do something amazing if we humble ourselves and pray (2 Chronicles 7:14). Let’s do it, OneLife! If you are with me, comment below and I’ll send you more information including a day-by-day prayer and study guide.

For more information, check out an article called Why Fast and this site with all the info you could ever need including FAQs about the fast: www.daniel-fast.com.

Read our latest post ‘Preparing to Fast’ here.


  1. Kydon Bowen says

    Sheena and I are really excited!

  2. Dillan says

    This is going to be great for our church. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do.

  3. sharee pendleton says

    What a healthy way to get closer to Him! I’m in! I have been thinking about Daniel’s fast for the last two years!

  4. Tyler says

    I can’t wait for this. Our Community is joining in too!

  5. Natalie Dixon says

    I’m so excited that we’re doing this! What a great idea!!!

  6. Betty says

    Never been to your church but i will fast.

  7. Nick says

    Lets do this!

  8. Brad Hensley says

    I have to be transparent about this… I only remember fasting one time in my life and I was like 8 years old. I fasted from TV for a week. I remember fasting because I had a nightmare about my Dad that he died and I prayed that he would get “saved”. That was my prayer and how I prayed it. Until this post, I had forgotten all about it but today, each and every week, my Dad sits in a blue chair at OneLife and I can say today that he has a relationship with Christ! I am excited about this 10 day fast but if I am truthful, I am anxious too. Can’t wait to see what is in store for my family and our church!

  9. Dylan Martin says

    I’m with!

  10. Pamela says

    Been thinking about trying this since the beginning of this year! I’m in!

  11. Crissy Hensley says

    I have never fasted before, but am excited about the first experience! I can’t wait to see what God has in store!

  12. Heather Kerley says

    Nick and I are both in!

  13. Danielle Taylor says

    Scott and I are really excited to start this tomorrow. Look forward to seeing great things happen!

  14. Kami and Sean Emert says

    The timing of this is wild for us with a new baby coming. Even more so in that we have been doing something simmiliar for the past week and a half to focus on family and be as healthy as we can before the new arrival. In that time, God has blessed us and now we have another reason to continue. God really is so good!

  15. Emily says


  16. Sheena Bowen says

    This will be my first fast and my prayer is that I treat it with the holiness it deserves. I want to take this very seriously and not see it as a fast/”diet” or good thing to do, but to change me to be more like Christ! I am praying for focus and perseverance for everyone doing this and that we, like the disciples, will not walk around with long faces when fasting but put oil on our faces so we look radiant even when we’re suffering for Christ!

  17. cris says

    Shared with family at last nites fam mtg.. I am in and hopefully more will join! This is going to change lives and comes at perfect timing! Excited the website Daniel fasting has meal plans and foods!

  18. Amber Sparks says

    I am in! Can’t wait to see what God is going to do in each of our lives as well as OneLife Church!

  19. Carolyn Wilson says

    This will be my first fast as well and I am so incredibly excited! I have been diligently trying to get closer to God and I think this is a wonderful next step. There are a few things I am trying to find answers to with God’s help and after praying about this just this afternoon I feel like God has called me to fast to not only help our church but to find clarity in my life and and strengthen my relationship with my Father!

  20. Chelle says

    I’m in :)

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